Mathurada (Matty) Jullamon

Matty is our team expert in SPSS. She also has in depth knowledge of R. Here is a representative sample quote from a student in one of Matty’s SPSS workshops:

Matty is amazing and helpful. Her speed is moderate and she is extremely patient. She answered all our questions. I hope Matty conducts more workshops again!

~PhD Candidate, Eduation

Learn a bit more about Matty through our interview with her.

What areas does your own graduate research focus on?

My research focuses on understanding factors that influence critical thinking in the context of scientific inquiry. More specifically, I explore how learner attributes such as prior knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs influence critical thinking in scientific inquiry.

Which Research Commons tools have you been able to use for your work? How did you use them?

I use both SPSS and R software to analyze quantitative data. I use SPSS software to run simple descriptive and inferential statistics. But if I need to visualize and compare multiple plots, then I use R software.

What one thing about the Research Commons do you wish more graduate students knew about?

In addition to the workshops and consultations, Research Commons offers invaluable resources (e.g. web resources, tutorials, books) on the website to help graduate students learn more about different tools. I would recommend all graduate students to make full use of Research Common services and resources in order to advance their research skills.

Tell us about something that would surprise others to know about you.

I lived in Russia, South Africa, Thailand, & USA before I moved to Canada.

If you are working with SPSS or R, coming to one of Matty’s workshops or meeting for a consult will serve you well in your research optimization. To find out more about any of the resources that Matty mentioned, email us at Whether you are polishing your quantitative data analysis off or just getting started, book a one-on-one consult with Matty.