Best practices in Research Data Management

Workshop description

Do you manage research data at UBC?  Best Practices in Research Data Management is a 1.5 hour workshop geared toward graduate students, faculty and lab managers who want to learn best practices, tools and techniques in research data management. You’ll learn how to create a data management plan that will help you comply with funder recommendations and regulations.

The workshop is designed to help you incorporate best practices for data management into your own work. We will address such questions as: What file naming standard should I use? What is metadata, and how will it help me manage my data? What’s a data repository, and which one should I use? Do I need permission to share my data? In addition, we will discuss critical components of data management planning, provide hands-on practice with methods to name and organize files, review data management resources, and give you a framework to develop your own data management plan. We welcome all researchers; faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and others.