NVivo part 1: getting started with NVivo



Workshop description

NVivo is a computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software. In this introductory workshop you will learn about the benefits of working with NVivo, how to set it up, the types of sources you can use and how to import them into NVivo. You will also learn how to do queries, nodes, and coding. This workshop is for Mac and PC versions of NVivo.

Installing and set-up

NVivo software is available free of charge to all UBC students.  You are encouraged to bring your laptop with NVivo already installed.  See the system requirements and download instructions.

  • in-person workshops are held in a PC lab with NVivo installed on all the machines; you are welcome to use one of the machines in the lab instead of your own laptop if you prefer
  • for online workshops you are encouraged to install NVivo on your own computer before the workshop to follow along

Workshop materials

Sample materials


Workshop slides

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