Who We Are

Eugene Barsky | Head | Research Commons

Eugene Barsky is the Head of Research Commons at UBC. Eugene is the past Chair of the national Portage Data Discovery Expert Group, participates in building the Canadian Federated Research Data Repository service (FRDR), and collaborates with Research Data Canada (RDC) and the European Union (OpenAIRE). Eugene is the lead Principal Investigator for the national Geodisy project, previously funded by CANARIE, and now integrated with FRDR and funded by NDRIO. His recent peer-recognition included the American Society for Engineering Education and Special Library Association awards. He published more than 25 peer-reviewed papers and presented at more than 65 conferences. Eugene is an adjunct professor at the iSchool at UBC, teaching the course in research data management, and is one of the founders of the Pacific Northwest data curators group. 

Sarah Blay | Research Commons Program Coordinator

Sarah is the coordinator for the Research Commons, and works closely with the Head of the Research Commons to optimize program offerings and logistics.

Doug Brigham | Research Data Management Librarian

Doug helps UBC researchers curate and manage their data, from planning to deposit, sharing and preservation.

Jeremy Buhler | Data Librarian

UBC Library invests in collecting thousands of licensed and open datasets to enhance teaching, learning, and research at UBC. As Data Librarian, Jeremy plays a key role as developer, steward, facilitator, and promoter of this growing data collection.

Allan Cho | Research Commons Librarian

Allan coordinates a team of graduate students at the Research Commons and oversees the peer-led instruction and consultation spaces and services. In collaboration with Library and campus partners, such as the Faculty of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies (GPS) and Centre for Writing & Scholarly Communications (CWSC), Allan organizes the Graduate Student Workshop Series designed to assist students with the research process in addition to supporting graduate programming such as the FIREtalks and the 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) talks.

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Paul Dante | Software Developer

Paul actively creates an open source data pipeline to help researchers find and access geospatial and quasi-geospatial data. Tying together existing components with a custom written Java middleware that cleans and enhances existing metadata, this project will help make Canadian research data more easily accessible.  

Brett Dimond | Research Commons Program Assistant

Brett works closely with both the Head of the Research Commons and its Program Coordinator to plan, coordinate, and promote workshop offerings, research events, and consultation services.

Mark Goodwin | Geospatial Metadata Coordinator

As the Metadata Coordinator for the Geodisy project, Mark works alongside Portage’s Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) team to provide expertise for creation, management, and presentation of metadata for geospatial discovery. He is the Co-Chair of Portage’s Dataverse North Metadata Working Group, which establishes metadata best practices for Canadian researchers using Dataverse. Mark is passionate about improving access to information and is excited to help enhance discoverability of research data in Canada..

Eka Grguric | Digital Scholarship Librarian

Ekatarina Grguric is the Digital Scholarship Librarian.  She was the User Experience and Digital Technologies Library at McGill University Library and a librarian at North Carolina State University Libraries where she supported open science initiatives. Her approach to her work is user centered, data driven, and collaborative. 

Paul Lesack | Data and GIS Analyst

In addition to his work supporting data and GIS, Paul Lesack is also a part of UBC Library’s Geodisy project to build the Federated Geospatial Data Discovery for Canada.

Evan Thornberry | Map and GIS Librarian

Evan Thornberry partners with students, educators, and researchers with work involving maps, spatial data, and geospatial technology and infrastructure.

Research Commons Instructional Team Leads

Tomoko Kitayama Yen | Japanese Language Librarian, Asian Library

Tomoko is the Japanese Studies Librarian at the Asian Library. She works with Allan as a Co-Team Lead of the Citation Management and the Thesis Formatting teams.

Sarah Parker | Librarian, Woodward Library

Sarah is a librarian for science and engineering and Woodward Library’s liaison for the Research Commons. She works with the team supporting instruction for the data analysis workshops.

Dean Giustini | Librarian, Biomedical Branch Library

Dean is a librarian at Biomedical Branch Library and a liaison for the Research Commons. He works with the Thesis Formatting team, and oversees the teaching of the Thesis Formatting workshops.

Graduate Academic Assistants

Maya Daurio | Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Graduate Academic Assistant and Graduate Teaching Assistant

Maya is a Ph.D. student in Anthropology with a background in Geography and GIS. She is interested in language mobility and linguistic geographies and identities in the Himalayas and in NYC and in data for justice.





Elham Esfandiari | Thesis Formatting and Citation Management Graduate Academic Assistant

Elham Esfandiari is a PhD student in Rehabilitation Sciences. She is interested in developing rehabilitation programs for individuals with lower limb amputation which can be delivered through mobile devices. As a member of the team, she offers one-on-one consultation as well as workshops about thesis formatting and citation management.

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Mathurada (Matty) Jullamon | Quantitative Data Analysis Graduate Academic Assistant

Matty is the team expert in SPSS with in-depth knowledge of R.  Matty’s research focuses on understanding factors that influence critical thinking in the context of scientific inquiry. More specifically, she explores how learner attributes such as prior knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs influence critical thinking in scientific inquiry.

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Reza Karimi | Thesis Formatting and Citation Management Graduate Academic Assistant 

Reza is a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering at UBC.   His specialty is in the field of cladding and surface engineering and his thesis project is on Weld cladding of tungsten carbide-reinforced metal matrix composite overlays.





Nicholas Martino | Graduate Teaching Assistant

Nicholas is a Ph.D. student in Interdisciplinary Studies supervised by professors Ron Kellett (SALA) and Martino Tran (SCARP). His current research focuses on the application of machine learning and computational design to assess and generate spatial forms that improve urban livability.

Arthur Marques | Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)

Arthur Marques

Arthur is a Ph.D. student in the Computer Science program. His research interests are in software engineering, particularly focusing on software design; software evolution; and code reviews. 

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Amir Michalovich | Qualitative Data Analysis Graduate Assistant

Amir Michalovich is a PhD student in the Language and Literacy Education Department. He is interested in the ways in which multimodal meaning-making can facilitate immigrant and refugee students’ engagement and integration in school learning. His experience includes managing a research project, filmmaking, teaching, and providing consultations about ATLAS.ti.

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June Skeeter | Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA)

June is a PhD Candidate and GIS instructor in the Geography Department.  Their thesis research focuses on climate change in the Canadian Arctic.  More broadly their interests center on using GIS as a tool to further social and ecological justice issues.




Albina Gibadullina | Graduate Academic Assistant

Albina is a PhD Student in the Geography Department. She is broadly interested in understanding the nature of finance-dominated capitalism through the lens of political economy. She uses (and experiments with) a broad range of computational methods including exploratory data analysis, inferential statistics, network analysis, and various forms of spatial analysis.