All of our consultations occur online.

Graduate Student Expert

Get help with Citation management (RefWorks, Zotero, Mendeley) and Data Analysis (R, Python, NVivo). For more personalized assistance, you can request to book a one-on-one consultation with one of our Graduate experts.


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Digital Scholarship

Get help with uncovering support for Digital Scholarship at UBC including: project planning, tool selection for your project, resources and training for upskilling in Digital Scholarship methods for you and your team, and advice on articulating and scoping digital components of your project.

Eka Grguric, Digital Scholarship Librarian

Data Services

Get help finding or acquiring data for your research, learn more about Data Services at the library, or schedule a workshop or class session about UBC Library’s data resources.

Jeremy Buhler, Data Librarian
Paul Lesack, Data/GIS Analyst


Geospatial Information and Technology

Get help with all things maps and GIS.

June Skeeter, GIS Graduate Academic Assistant
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Maya Daurio, GIS Graduate Academic Assistant
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Evan Thornberry, GIS Librarian | Schedule appointment
Paul Lesack, Data/GIS Analyst

Research Data Management (RDM)

Get help with questions about Research Data Management, Dataverse, FRDR and data management plans.

Doug Brigham, RDM Librarian
Research Data Management Team

Writing Consultations

Get peer feedback from doctoral writing consultants on academic and professional writing. Doctoral writing consultants from the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication serve graduate students in all disciplines and professions.

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Research Ethics

Get expert answers to your questions about your research ethics application or research ethics in general.  Book an online consult with staff from the Office of Research Ethics (BREB) by emailing:

Wendy Bond, Research Ethics Coordinator – Compliance & Outreach

Copyright for your thesis

Get help with permission seeking, understanding publisher agreements and general copyright questions pertaining to your work at UBC. This includes issues related to copyrighted images, figures, excerpts, etc. and your already published research. Book an online consult with Stephanie Savage of the Copyright at UBC department by emailing:

Stephanie Savage, Scholarly Communications and Copyright Services Librarian

Open Scholarship

Get supports for Open Access, Open Education, and Open Science at UBC including: project planning, tool selection, and training, focusing on openly sharing your research and educational works.

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UBC Okanagan Consultations

If you are studying at UBC Okanagan, you may wish to connect with consultants on the UBC-O campus. Please note that you are always welcome to tap into any of the resources offered by UBC Vancouver, whether a duplicate service exists or not.

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