Spaces and Software

Digital Scholarship Lab – Room 497

The Digital Scholarship Lab is designed specifically for collaboration, flexibility, and ease of use for researchers working on data-rich and visually-mediated research. It is located in the Koerner Library building, room 497.

Learn more about using the lab (now accessible virtually!)

Presentation Room – Room 548 and 552

The Presentation Room includes a presentation podium with touchscreen control, 2 ceiling-mounted projectors with wired (HDMI and VGA) and wireless connection (AirMedia), 26 chairs and multiple power outlets. It is located in the Koerner Library building, room 548 and 552.

Learn more about the presentation room use policy.

Project Rooms

Six Project Rooms (Room 454, 456, 496, 499, 553, and 555) in the Koerner Library building are available for the research project work of UBC Graduate Students and Faculty.

To access booking and policy for these rooms, please click here.

Koerner Library Computer Lab – Room 217

There are 32 workstations. In addition to the software provided on all library public machines, there is some GIS and statistical analysis software. For more information about software, please go to the Public Computers & Software page.

Woodward Library Teaching Lab – Room B25

The teaching lab (Room B25) is in the Woodward Library (2198 Health Sciences Mall) located in the library basement beside the open computer study area.

For information about software available on Library workstations see Public Computers & Software.