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Eugene Barsky | Research Data Management Librarian

Eugene works with the UBC researchers curating and managing research data, from planning to deposit, to preservation. Eugene participates in building the Canadian Federated Research Data Repository service (FRDR), and collaborates with Digital Research Alliance of Canada (the Alliance), and the European Union (OpenAIRE). He is the PI for the national Geodisy project funded by the Alliance. His recent peer-recognition include the Canadian Association of Research Libraries, American Society for Engineering Education, and Special Library Association awards. He published more than 30 peer-reviewed papers and presented at more than 70 conferences. Eugene is an adjunct professor at the iSchool at UBC, teaching the course about research data management, and is one of the founders of the Pacific Northwest data curators group.

Doug Brigham | Interim Head, Koerner Library

Doug Brigham is the Interim Head, Koerner Library and is responsible for both the Research Commons and the Humanities & Social Sciences Division. Doug has worked previously in systems, collections management and research data management and has been an adjunct professor at UBC’s iSchool.

Jeremy Buhler | Data Librarian

Jeremy is responsible for UBC Library’s collection of open and licensed data. He facilitates access to data and helps researchers develop skills in data analysis, manipulation, and visualization.

Lily Crandall-Oral | Geographic Information Technology | Graduate Academic Assistant

Lily is a geographer and cartographer passionate about integrating art and science through mapping. As member of the Geospatial Information and Technology team, they offer consults and lead workshops on map making and spatial analysis using geographic information systems (GIS). Lily facilitates spatial thinking with people across disciplines and skillsets and encourages interdisciplinary conversations in the Digital Scholarship Lab, located on the 4th floor of Koerner Library.

Brett Dimond | Program Assistant

Brett works closely with both the Head of the Research Commons and its Research Commons Coordinator to plan, coordinate, and promote workshop offerings, research events, and consultation services.

Shayan Fahimi | Digital Scholarship | Graduate Academic Assistant

Shayan Fahimi is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering at UBC. His research is focused on numerical analysis of manufacturing processes for composite materials, and he is particularly interested in innovation commercialization in advanced manufacturing. Shayan is a member of the Digital Scholarship team and offers workshops and consults on Git, Unix shell, and Docker.

Prubjot Gill | Citation Management | Librarian, Woodward Library

Prubjot is the liaison librarian for paediatrics, women’s health, midwifery, medical genetics, biochemistry, and molecular biology. She is also the liaison librarian for BC Children’s Hospital and BC Women’s Hospital. Prubjot supports the Research Commons’ Citation Management Team.

Ekatarina (Eka) Grguric | Digital Scholarship Librarian

Eka Grguric is the Digital Scholarship Librarian. In this role she supports exploratory scholarship across disciplines which is either completely reliant on the use of a new computational approach or augmenting a traditional approach using new technologies

Billie Hu | Research Data Management | Digital Scholarship | Graduate Academic Assistant

Billie is a master’s student in Library and Information at UBC. She is interested in digital libraries, digitization of cultural heritage, and human-computer interaction. Billie is a member of the Digital Scholarship team and offers workshops and consults on Git and GitHub.

M. Reza Karimi | Citation Management | Graduate Academic Assistant

Reza is a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering at UBC. His specialty is in the field of cladding and surface engineering and his thesis project is on Weld cladding of tungsten carbide-reinforced metal matrix composite overlays. Reza is a member of the Citation Management team and offers workshops and consults on RefWorks, Mendeley, and Zotero.

Paul Lesack | Data and GIS Analyst

In addition to his work supporting data and GIS, Paul Lesack is also a part of UBC Library’s Geodisy project to build the Federated Geospatial Data Discovery for Canada.

Angela Liu | Research Commons Coordinator

Angela facilitates the communications and operations for the Research Commons and works closely with the Head of Koerner Library to optimize program offerings and logistics. She also oversees the team of Graduate Academic Assistants and works with the Program Assistant to plan and promote research workshops and events.

Ashley Yue Mao | Data Analysis and Visualization | Graduate Academic Assistant

Ashley is a Ph.D. candidate in Measurement, Evaluation and Research Methodology at UBC. She is looking into dynamic modelling of intensive longitudinal data for her dissertation proposal. Ashley is a member of the Quantitative Data Analysis team and offers workshops and consults on statistical analysis and data visualization through R and SPSS.

Joe Melanson | Citation Management | Librarian, Koerner Library

Joe is the Economics, Journalism, Political Science and Philosophy Librarian at UBC. Joe is also a liaison librarian supporting the Research Commons’ Citation Management team.

Evan Thornberry | Map and GIS Librarian

Evan Thornberry partners with students, educators, and researchers with work involving maps, spatial data, and geospatial technology and infrastructure.

Meghan Waitt | Data Analyst

Meghan Waitt works on the Library Data Team to manage operational data and reporting platforms for all Library units and services, with particular expertise in Collections and Tableau reporting.