Presentation Room – Room 548 and 552

Use Policy and Guidelines

Priority for the use of the room will be given to graduate students and faculty for research presentations and instructional purposes. Due to the popularity of this room, the library is prioritising bookings that support research endeavours. For research related meetings and group work please book a project room

Uses we will decline include: 

  • staff meetings, administrative meetings, board meetings,
  • departmental professional development activities,
  • and undergraduate student union groups, student club meetings.

This room is also equipped with a CISCO conferencing system that is available on request. To learn more about this please submit inquiries to

To ensure fair access to all users of the Presentation Room, please observe the following:

  • Bookings for this room are mediated by Research Commons staff. To inquire about a booking please contact
  • The Presentation room is to be used in compliance with the UBC Library Food and Drink Policy.
  • Research Commons programs and instruction take priority over bookings by other branches and units.
  • This room is only available when the Koerner Library building is open.
  • The Library reserves the right to delete bookings that are found to be in violation of the use policies.