Digital Scholarship Lab – Use Policy and Guidelines

The Digital Scholarship Lab has eighteen (18) enhanced PC workstations to support data, GIS and other digital scholarship and research project needs that require enhanced computing power. The lab provides equitable access to resources, including powerful hardware, specialized software, and expertise for all researchers on campus who require access. It is a space for collaboration and designed to facilitate interdisciplinary connections. It provides access to functional experts who offer project assistance, training, and consultation and creates visibility for new and existing digital scholarship research projects.

What kinds of work do we prioritize in this space?

  • Researchers, graduate students, or postdocs working on digital scholarship projects that require tools that are unavailable to them elsewhere.
  • Researchers exploring unconventional or speculative tools in a supportive environment with access to local expertise. 
  • Individuals who need to use sections of the lab for small group instruction around a tool offered in the lab or methodology supported by it.
  • Digital scholars demonstrating their scholarship and methods through a multidisciplinary platform connected to the community.

Workstation specs

Dell Precision 3630 Tower
Intel Core i7-8700, 6 Core, 12MB Cache, 3.2Ghz, 4.6 GHz Turbo
32GB DDR4 Memory
NVIDIA Quadro P2000, 5GB Graphics Card

See full list of available software.

If you are unsure whether the lab is able to support your project, please reach out.

To ensure fair access to all users of the Digital Scholarship Lab, please observe the following:

  • The Digital Scholarship Lab is a conversation space. Talking at a reasonable volume is allowed. Please be respectful of those working around you. If you need to make a phone call consider using the sound dampening phone booth (room 557 upstairs).
  • Lab computers are primarily for work that relies on the software or computing power provided.
  • Use of the lab must align with UBC Information Systems Appropriate Use Policy.
  • Lab users must log off and back up their work before leaving the lab. All files saved to lab computers will be wiped nightly and users are responsible to save their work.
  • The Lab is a no food zone. Drinks that are in spill-proof containers are okay as per the library food and drink policy. Please clean up after yourself.
  • The nearest silent study space to the lab is on Koerner floor 1. More information about silent study here.