Thesis Formatting: Tips, tricks, and resources

Workshop description

Need help with formatting your thesis? The Research Commons provides a thesis template and how-to guides, plus in-person help during our workshops or one-on-one consultations. We cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the basic Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies requirements for formatting and thesis submission
  • Implementing the formatting requirements using Microsoft Word (PC or Mac)
  • Using our Microsoft Word thesis template (PC or Mac)
  • Troubleshooting formatting problems in Microsoft Word

Thesis Formatting Template

  • Research Commons Thesis Formatting Template  The Thesis Formatting Template has been pre-formatted to adhere to the G+PS requirements, and includes an automatic table of contents, as well as appropriately formatted headings, fonts, and page margins. Please note that using this template is not a guarantee that your thesis will be formatted properly, particularly if you make changes to any of the formatting. Make sure to review your final product carefully before submitting it to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Resources for Preparing your Thesis

Resources for Checking and Preparation

These lists are designed to help you check the formatting of your thesis. Review these documents early in the writing process and use them to check your work before you submit your thesis to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

  • Research Commons Thesis Formatting Checklist A checklist of the key areas that Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Checks when reviewing theses for formatting correctness. Updated April 2018 to reflect most recent requirement changes.
  • Tables and Figures Formatting Checklist The Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies requirements for table and figure formatting in theses and dissertations, as well as common problems with these items.

Workshop Materials